Acanthus spinosus

Tvoří trsy rostlin široké až cm. Dorůstá výšky až 1cm. This species forms a clump of deeply cut and rather spiny dark-green leaves, . Plantae – rostliny oddělení Magnoliophyta – rostliny krytosemenné třída Rosopsida – vyšší dvouděložné . A wonderful garden plant, hardier than Acanthus mollis.

A large clump of arching deep green leaves, spiky along the edges produces strong upright spikes. It is deciduous, and produces enormous, jagge deep green glossy leaves up to . Val Bourne gives guidance on the cultivation of a perennial favourite. Deeply cut, thistle-like leaves form a sculptural mound in full sun or. It was first used by the Greeks in . Genus: Acanthus Species: spinosus.

A striking foliage plant of architectural value in the garden. From rich glossy deeply cut leaves rise stately stems bearing strange flowers, purple-hooded and.

White flowers with mauve bracts in mid summer. Dark green, lance-shaped spiny foliage. Tough, spreads readily in . An old world Mediterranean plant best known for the acanthus leaf shape used as a basis in classical Greek and Roman designs.

The plant itself takes – 3 . Grown for its bold foliage and impressive flowers, this striking perennial forms a sizeable clump of dark green, thistle-like foliage topped with . Show All Show Tabs spine acanthus. Please login to see pricing. Long, dark green deeply divided foliage with spiny points.

Mauve foxglove like flowers in June. The main difference being the leaves and flowers: spinosus tends to produce more . A frequently cultivated ornamental, this species is sometimes seen as an escape in recent years. Stately upright perennial with deeply cut foliage. Acanthus spinosus is a more incised clone but there are those even more narrow yet.

Towering spikes of pure white and purple flowers from May to July and deeply lobe spiny-edge dark green leaves. This striking architectural plant is ideal for.

This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Acanthus (family Acanthaceae). Smaller growing than the ubiquitous Acanthus mollis and a much more useful and useable plant with deeply divided leaves, dark green and glossy, making a . Mapovanie výskytu na Slovensku. Foliage Color: Dark Green.

In loose soil Acanthus can spread quickly. Use at the background of a .