Acer palmatum corallinum

It has medium-size deciduous, . Orange-red to pink-red in . Acer palmatum ´Dissectum Garnet´ – javor dlanitolistý. Velmi dekorativní, široce rozložitý keř s hluboce členěnými, červenými listy, které se na podzim . Spring brings leaves a bright shrimp-pink.

In many ways rivals flowering shrubbery in the garden. Foliage matures into green with minute flecks of light coloration . Pink in spring and early summer, turning green and then. The emerging leaves are bright . Because of the initial small size it is recommended that it be grown in a pot for a . New growth comprises of deeply lobed leaves that are an intense pink on . Many items are available at the nursery in a variety of sizes. Please contact us for availability before .

Corallinum Japanese Maple. The leaves mature later in the . Contact Us for Price and Availability. Brilliant in spring with summer flushes and brilliant in fall all season beauty. Sehr wandlungsfähiges Laub im Frühjahr von rotorange über pink bis grün. A dwarf growing shrub with bright P! Acer (maple), 84–Acer griseum (paperbark maple), 2 2 51–5 885–86.

The beautiful and ubiquitous Japanese maple is a garden staple. A native of eastern Asia, this medium-sized deciduous tree has a broad rounded canopy and . New foliage emerges a brilliant pink in . Scarce, slow growing compact maple. Find the perfect acer palmatum corallinum stock photo. Javory Acer buergerianum — javor Buergerův Zajímavý druh dorůstající výšky do m, má pozoruhodné trojlaločné.

The new scarlet-pink leaves have a fluorescent effect, later turning to a reddish-green. The spring display is a real standout in the landscape. A bright shrimp pink lasts until early summer when the leaf turns green with some lighter flecks.

This plant grows to about 2cm.

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