Acer palmatum skeeter’s broom

Japonské javory vždy patřily mezi vrcholné okrasy pěstěných zahrad. It differs from the parent plant in more . Skeeters broom has bright red spring color, becoming . Each lobe is ovate with a long pointed tip. Leaves first emerge bright red turning dark . Great for patios or rock gardens.

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A dwarf witches broom of Bloodgood with medium size, crimson palmate leaves. Grows feet tall and feet wide with pure red fall color. It has leaves that emerges bright red then turning . This sport is known to grow upright and narrow, while boasting intensely red . A small, upright tree or large shrub, discovered as a witches broom on Acer palmatum. Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum). Very ornamental, slow growing, . This charming cultivar grows with an upright, columnar habit bearing small, deeply lobed leaves.

A witches broom with typical dense twiggy growth but, somewhat upright form. Small leaves with bright red spring color, dark. DESCRIPTION: Upright, deciduous tree.

Red leafed maple with striking red flourescent red new growth throughout the season. Strong habit with uniform . Discovered by Ed Skeeter Rod in Pennsylvania this is a witches broom with the usual twiggy growth but a very vigorous upright habit.