Acer shirasawanum jordan

U nás nakoupíte japonské rostliny, jehličnany, listnáče, magnolie a další. Javor shirasawanský je keř či malý opadavý listnatý strom vzhledem podobný dlanitolistým japonským javorům. Od nich se liší tvarem listu, který připomíná . Novější odrůda žlutolistého javoru s bujnějším růstem a větší odolností k. Leaves emerge a lovely pastel orange, changing to stunning bright yellow through the summer with red seeds that push up above .

Young leaves sprout with vibrant chartreuse foliage and darken . Leaves will age to green in the summer providing a two tone . ANother stunning member of my collection and yet though it is one of my favourites for various, and one. Jordan is a relatively new maple that provides an alternative to the . If they point up rather than . Spring leaves are bright yellow with pink-orange margins and pink petioles. Summer color is yellow which does not burn in full sun.

Acer shirasawanum Jordan has palmately forms a mound of beautifolia golden foliage that turns brillant red in autumn. Buy on-line from our nursery in Cheshire. Introduced by Fratelli Girardelli and named after Giordano ( Jordan ) Girardelli.

It was selected by its bright yellow color that can take full Souther. Position: Requires a rich moist humus rich but well drained soil in a position sheltered from sun and strong winds. Pruning: Little or no pruning required. A shirasawanum hybrid with leaves emerging an unusual pastel orange in spring turning to striking.

Though still new to our collect. Deciduous, upright shrub or small tree with pastel orange leaves when young that turn red-orange in . Emerging a lovely pastel orange changing to stunning bright yellow through the summer with red seeds that push up above the. Superb range of high quality plants delivered to you with care.

Japanese or Full Moon Maple. An upright deciduous tree with a full bushy form. Leaves are bright yellow (yellow -green if grown in shade). Will not burn in most climates.

Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Click here to find out more. Der normale Goldahorn hat nur einen sehr langsamen Wuchs und verbrennt selbst im Halbschatten schon sehr schnell im Sommer. Taille adulte (H x L): 4m x 4m.

Utilisation : Plante bonsaïfiable.