Achillea millefolium desert eve terracotta

Je rozšířený v Evropě a Asii, kde . Yarrow is an easy perennial, growing in nearly any sunny situation, even where there is poor soil. Desert Eve Terracotta ´ (ZAKRSLÝ) . Brown orange, light green foliage, fast growth rate, blooms early summer to early fall, ft tall x 1. Wonder compact variety of yarrow growing to a mature height of 70cm, good for mid border planting. Należy do rodziny Asteraceae-astrowate. Gatunek ten jest pospolitym chwastem.

Currently showing products available at Perennials Plus. Růst rostliny je rychlý a kompaktní. Retrouvez toutes les plantes de type JARDIN. Achillee desert eve terracotta Astéracées. Plants have fern-like leaves . A növény általános alakja, . Compact long flowering form.

A new compact variety of this wonderful cottage garden perennial with . Přeložit tuto stránku Yarrow. Alacsony, tarackjaival terjedő növény. Levelei fésűsen szárnyaltak, aromás illatúak.

Narancssárga színű fészekvirágzatait nyáron hozza. They fade to pale crimson and almost light terracotta shades while the clump. YARROW Peachy Seduction is loved by gardeners for its compact growing habits and long-lasting blooms. Elegant, peach flower clusters delight in the .

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