Agastache blue boa

The flower spikes are long. This outstanding selection is unlike any other Agastache. It features long, deep violet- blue flower spikes that are wide and extremely showy.

Buy Mexican giant hyssop Agastache Blue Boa (PBR) – A magnet for bees and butterflies: 9cm pot: £7. Agastache Blue Boa – Common name:Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint – A winner of numerous awards, this stellar performer deserves a standing ovation.

Agastache , commonly called giant hyssop, is a genus containing about species. Agastaches of all kinds are becoming more popular these days. Unlike any other Agastache , this beauty produces luxurious, deep violet- blue flower spikes held over ultra-green foliage.

An award winning new variety that is turning heads all across the country, and no wonder, for it has huge vivid blue -violet flower spikes that keep on blooming all . It carries large bottle brush heads of intense . The intensely colored flower spikes of Blue Boa make great cut-flowers and their dusky blue blooms attract butterflies from all over! Plants create a forest of showy, deep violet- blue flower spikes all . Luxurious, deep violet- blue flower spikes over ultra-green foliage.

This showy plant produces fat spikes of purple-blue flowers that pop out of purple calyxes over a . Learn more about Monrovia. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Deep dusky-purple buds make a tight hea 15cm tall which bursts out down its length with violet-blue salvia-like flowers. A large-flowered Hummingbird Mint (Hyssop) with upright dark- blue to violet blooms over two long seasons each year. This sun-loving perennial is a butterfly.

Growth Habit, Clump-forming. Agastache blue boa : vediamo cura e caratteristiche della pianta insieme alla nostra esperta, Francesca. Blue Boa Hummingbird Mint) Luxurious deep violet- blue flower spikes held over ultra-green foliage. Spikes of deep, violet- blue flowers are held over deep green, upright, branched foliage.

Ideal Conditions: Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil . The rich-green leaves give an alluring licorice fragrance when rubbed. Faded flower-stems look great too through winter, especially when touched by frost. Anise Hyssop, Licorice Mint, . Wow, this is a stunning flowering perennial in the garden.

Yes, you have other Agastache in the garden, but none with this much bang for the buck.

A great focal point to a perennial border and great for attracting bees. Zsohár Kertészet – Kertészetünkben lágyszárú évelő dísznövényeket, bővebben sziklakerti, virágágyi, mocsári évelőket, árnyéki gyeppótlókat, díszfüveket . Kvety sú tmavo fialovo modrej farby a bohato sa objavujú počas leta až do jesene. Listy sú silne aromatické . Colorado State Perennial . Quickly amassing awards, the flowers on this blooming beauty are . Showy, indigo blooms contrast vividly against kelly green foliage.