Amelanchier autumn brilliance

Amelanchier x grandiflora is a hybrid cross between two species of North. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant . Consider the aptly named serviceberry , ? Bursting with white flowers in the spring time, this small tree will fit into any sized landscape. The apple serviceberry ushers in spring with pink flower buds that open to . It has very showy white flowers that precede to a .

This native is the result of a cross between arborea and . Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry. We have a large selection of Serviceberry bushes! Excellent trade name recognition because it is clearly a . Oval cut leaves are bluish-green 2-long and change to brilliant orange-red in Fall hence the name. An extremely popular tree with white blossoms in spring, followed by showy, . This fast growing, small, and often multi-stemmed tree shows great improvements over most serviceberries.

Outstanding red fall leaf color, but equally spectacular is the burst of white spring flowers, followed by a small very dark colored edible berry.

The usual mass of fleeting white flowers in early spring and edible berries in June on a multistemmed small tree. What sets this cultivar apart is its fall color: a. Beautiful white flowers encompass the plant in spring followed by delicious red . This shrubby tree has leaves that emerge bronze, mature green, and fade to orange and red in autumn. Pronunciation: am-e-LANG-kee- er gran-di-FLO-ra.

The smooth, gray bark elegantly holds aloft the healthy green . We are in love with this serviceberry. It is a great small tree. Beautiful in flower, form and fall leaf color, the apple serviceberry is a shrubby small tree that.

Edible fruits, clean summer foliage, persistent leaves and brilliant red fall color are notable attributes. Tree from in the BB fields. An upright, moderately spreading small . This tree is a hybrid between two native serviceberries, downy serviceberry. Plant Description: Small deciduous tree. This variety is known best for its brilliant purple-red fall color.

This tremendously popular tree offers white blossoms in spring, followed by showy, sweet purplish-black fruit. Origin Eastern North America, Kansas to Newfoundland and south to Arkansas and Georgia.

Apple Serviceberry has berries in June that will turn .