Angelica archangelica

Archangelica officinalis (Moench) Hoffm. Další fotografie v galerii. Dříve byla hojně pěstována jako léčivá rostlina. A hollow plant that functions as a warming bitter in.

It is in flower from Jul to August, . Botanický název archangelica je odvozen z latinského archangelus, což znamená archanděl.

Andělika patří do čeledi miříkovitých. Angelica archangelica is a BIENNIAL growing to 1. Je to statná dvouletá rostlina, . Easily grown in rich, slightly acidic, medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade. Full sun in northern areas.

Perhaps best in sun dappled shade in St. Go To Encyclopedia of Life. A great plant valued both for its architectural effect and delicate flavour. In its second year there rises from the broad divided leaves a stout branching stem .

The leaves of the plant are simple and . Buy farm-fresh plants online! The deeply divided leaves are borne on thick roun . Dinesh Kumar, Zulfiqar Ali Bhat, Vijender Kumar, I. Rostlina se u nás pěstuje. It loves woodland conditions,. Ríša (regnum): Rastliny (Vegetabilia) Podríša (subregnum): cievnaté rastliny ( Tracheobionta) Oddelenie: krytosemenné (Magnoliophyta) Trieda (classis): vy. Nazývaná též „Andělská tráva“ je původem z jižní Euroasie.

Pasqua G(1), Monacelli B, . The aim of this study was to explore the acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibition of several Icelandic medicinal herbs. ANGELICA ROOT EXTRACT ( ANGELICA ARCHANGELICA L.) search. Recommendation for angelica archangelica seed powder usage levels up to: not for fragrance use.

Plural: Taxon list of vascular plants from Bavaria, Germany compiled in the context of the BFL project. Its large umbel-shaped white flowers swaying in the wind look like big clouds floating . In China and pretty much the rest of Asia the angelica genus is used interchangeably .