Aronia arbutifolia

Odrůda Brilliant je poměrně nová arónie pocházející z křížení arónie černé a červené (planikolisté). Doposud se můžete setkat s trojím označenía. Temnoplodec neboli aronie, také zvaná černý jeřáb, zahrnuje tři druhy. Aronia arbutifolia , called the red chokeberry, is a North American species of shrubs in the rose family. Photinia pyrifolia, Pyrus arbutifolia, Pyrus arbutifolia var.

Red chokeberry is a multi-stemmed shrub, 6-feet (2-m) tall, in the rose family.

Look for a row of slender glands arrayed along the midvein on . It is hardy to zone (UK) 4. Learn more about Monrovia. This deciduous shrub has it all! Fruit for the birds, nectar for insects, cover for . Show All Show Tabs red chokeberry.

Chokeberries have colorful, pendulous. Fragrant white flowers in spring, red fall foliage, and persistent berries for winter interest make Aronia a valuable plant in all . Lustrous dark green leaves turn bright red in the fall.

See bottom of the page for range. Glossy green leaves turn a brilliant scarlet in the . Light: Full-sun to Part- sun. Soil Moisture: Hydric to Sub-Xeric,good drainage.

Arónie Brilliant vznikla křížením aronie černoplodé melanocarpa a červenoplodé aronie prunifolia. Ryskamp in a wetland in Kent Co. Broadleaf deciduous shrub, similar to the species, grows to about 6-ft (~2- m ) tall.

Leaves similar to the species type but more lustrous and darker green, . Plus many more species descriptions for trees. Notes: Updated for ITIS by the Flora of. In the past, it was classified as Photinia . It can tolerate wet and dry sites and heavy clay soils. Barva květů, Termín kvetení, bílá ,. Latinské slovo – aronia arbutifolia. Překlad latinského slova aronia arbutifolia do českého jazyka, naleznete níže.

Click here to download our order form. Its fall foliage is among the showiest of any native woody plant, with .