Big blue liriope

Málo známá podrostová stálezelená trvalka pocházející z Asie, květenství podobná modřenci. Abundant blue flower spikes rise above the attractive, tufted arching, grass-like foliage followed by clusters of black berries. Spikes of blue-violet blooms complement deep green, arching foliage in late . Use it in containers or in the landscape. One of the most prized characteristics of this plant is that it can hold its own in .

Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Prefers moist, fertile soils in part shade in the St. In late summer enjoy pretty lilac- purple flowers resembling grape hyacinths. Blooms are followed by blue.

Common names in English include big blue lilyturf, lilyturf, border grass, and . Dark green evergreen grassy stuff – marvellous for luxuriant evergreen ground cover in shady places in not-too-cold-gardens. Extremely popular in the southern U. We offer a large selection of Ornamental Grasses and other plants.

We made it a rock garden with roses, big blue liriope and. Consistently uniform in texture, leaf size, height and growth habits it is the preferred lirope for . Shop with confidence on eBay! It is hardy to zone (UK) 8. One Portion is usually sufficient for approx.

Please switch to gram for larger quantities. Ziedēšanas laiks: VIII – X. Description: A very hardy grass like plant with a profusion of flower spikes in late spring and early summer. Key Features: Very Hardy . Low growing tufts well-suited for use as a ground cover or in mass plantings. Very undemanding grass that tolerates a wide. Wide grass-like blades gracefully arch in tufts of dark green foliage.

For one thing, the pulp contains phenolic compounds which inhibit germination, so the . An evergreen perennial with leathery, dark green leaves, with small violet-purple flowers in autumn, followed by black berries. Big Blue has narrow, ¼ wide, green leaf blades. A nice grass like perennial for the shade garden that adds hyacinth- like flowers in late summer.

Foliage is evergreen and can be trimmed back. Versatile evergreen with dense clumps of dark green grass-like foliage and masses of flower spikes. You can find Big blue Lirope and more at Houston Plants and Garden World.