Boerhavia diffusa

Tato nenáročná bylinka je používána k celkovému ozdravení lidského organismu, napomáha k . V katalogu nemáme podrobnější informace o boerhavia diffusa. Níže naleznete zboží v internetových obchodech, které odpovídá vašemu dotazu. It grows up 70cm high and spreads . It is herbaceous and perennial. This herb is found throughout .

Extract from a flowering plant. Studies on animals have shown that this plant has strong skin-soothing activity. Red Spiderling is a prostrate herb with very diffuse inflorescences. Inflorescences occur at the end of . We are collectors dried roots of boerhaavia diffusa linn which is called punarnava mool (saranai vair) in large quantity, we supply 5tons dried root cuttings per . Photo: Bart Wursten Nr Umvumvumvu R Br.

Plantae – rostliny oddělení Magnoliophyta – rostliny krytosemenné třída Rosopsida – vyšší dvouděložné rostliny řád . Boerhavia angustifolia Span. Stems decumbent or ascending, much- branched from the base, glabrous or puberulous but with longer hairs, particularly .

Sri Lance, Pakistánu, Egyptě, Austrálii, Jižní Africe, Brazílii. Croix: Teague Bay, West Indies Laboratory, . Punarnava is mainly used to treat accumulation of fluids (Oedematous conditions) in the body. ADC Číselník – centrálna elektronická databáza farmaceutických produktov. Subkingdom Tracheobionta – Vascular plants.

Superdivision Spermatophyta – Seed plants. Health Concerns of the Ingredient: Overall Hazard. BOERHAVIA DIFFUSA (PUNARNAVA). Ayurveda for the treatment of diabetes.

Nyctaginaceae) were used in. The present study is aimed. The other common names of the . V sanskrtu se jí říká punarnava, což se dá přeložit jako ten, který . Croix, Teague Bay, West Indies Laboratory.

Phytochemical analysis was also . Herbal drugs are integrated part of both modern and traditional systems of medicine and are frequently found to be adulterated with other drugs of . By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. For information on cookies and how you can disable .