Campanula glomerata alba

Jedná o velmi odolný kultivar, jehož pěstování zvládne i úplný začátečník. V době květu dorůstá do výšky kolem cm. Bellflowers are among the most popular of perennials.

This selection will produce a low clump of large green leaves. Medium-tall upright stems appear in early . Mpp_campanula-glomerata-alba.

Clusters of upright, white bells top short leafy stems above a slowing creeping carpet . Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Full sun is best in cool northern summer climates. Máme pro Vás však několik tipů: Zkuste se podívat, zda nemáte v . Schneekrone – Quickly forms good-sized clumps: 9cm pot: £5.

Beautiful pure white bell-shaped flowers set against dark green ovate leaves. White bell flowers open right through the summer on stout hairy . Jakub Krulich – Zahradnictví J.

Campanula Glomerata Collection SAVE £6. Spreading plant with dark green leaves and dense clusters of bell shaped pure White flowers. Flowers all summer from May-Oct. Dense heads of large, white, bell-shaped flowers from June to August and rosettes of oval, mid-green leaves. This beautiful bellflower is perfect for a sunny,.

Bekijk het product online of kom naar één van onze winkels, waar we je graag verder helpen. Vierecktopf – Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Large heads of pure white flowers on erect stems 24. A sweet and mannerly white bellflower this clumper sends up tall spikes of pure white double bellflowers in summer. The foliage is a nice shade of emerald.

Schmidt, Weitenwebera glomerata (L.) Opiz, Syncodon glomeratum (L.) Fourr. White clustered bellflower is distinguished by its very attractive, white . One Portion is usually sufficient for approx. Please switch to gram for larger quantities. Robust och långlivad perenn. Vita blommor i toppställda klasar under juni-juli.

Trivs bäst i soligt läge på väldränerad jord. Showy flower clusters are wonderful in summer bouquets.