Přípravek je vyloučen z použití v ochranném pásmu II. Pro brzkou aplikaci SPe3: Za účelem ochrany vodních organismů snižte . PŘÍPRAVEK NA OCHRANU ROSTLIN. Fungicidní přípravek ve formě dispergovatelného prášku k ochraně ovocných dřevin, okrasných . This article is about the fungicide captan.

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Pesticide properties for captan , including approvals, environmental fate, eco- toxicity and human health issues. A Fungicide for Plant Disease Control. CAPTAN WDG is a water-dispersible granule for use in water as a spray for the control of listed fungal diseases of fruit. Acute (short- term) dermal exposure to captan may cause dermatitis and conjunctivitis in . State of California to cause cancer. For more infomrtaion go to www.

Can be used as a soil treatment for seed. This document describes approaches for the analysis of captan and folpet in.

This review report has been established as a result of the re-evaluation of captan , made in the context of the work programme for review of . This evaluation was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of the OVS-sampling device for captan. It follows the procedure developed for carbaryl. It controls damping-off, botrytis blossom blight . Captan 50W mixes readily with water. SUPRA CAPTAN WDG and before drinking . OSHA did not formerly regulate captan. Tetrahydro-N-(trichloromethylthio)phthalimide 3a,7a-Tetrahydro-2-(( trichloromethyl)thio)-1H-isoindole-3(2H)-dione.

SECTION EFFECT ON GROWTH The effect of captan on the growth of Dunaliella is shown in Figure 13. In my worl Arabic letters are made of motions within. They embody traces of a long line of master . Residues of captan (contact) and difenoconazole (systemic) fungicides in bee products from an . As captan is hydrolysed to THPI, the total residue of captan and THPI expressed in captan equivalents should not increase on storage.

For fungicide resistance management Ospray CAPTAN WG Fungicide is a Group Y fungicide. Some naturally occurring individual fungi resistant to CAPTAN WG . Of the troublesome compounds in the GC-MS suite of pesticide residues, the thiophthalimide fungicides, including captan and folpet, are amongst the most . This study investigates the thermal decomposition of a widely used fungicide, captan , under gas phase conditions, similar to those occurring in .