Carex comans

Frosted Curls je jemnolistá odrůda novozélandské ostřice chocholaté. Její listy jsou tenké, při koncích trochu zakroucené a jsou neopadavé, pouze během roku. Znaky: Polehavý široký trs úzkých . A densely tufted NZ native grass with attractive bronze coloured foliage.

Ideal in a group planting as a groundcover and tolerates exposed windy sites well.

The versatility of the grasses allow them to be placed in nearly any situation, from being in a container, basket, or raised be to being in the border or rockery. CAREX comans bronze form – brown-red clumps, compact. Plants form a low, cascading mound of. Carex comans ´Bronzita´ – Ostřice.

Evergreen pale green blades are twisted and curled at the tips adding a playful ambiance. New Zealand Hair sedge grows tall and wide. The narrow leaves go from a lime green colour to . Grows in Part Sun to Light Shade.

It is widely used in containers and in . Buy 2granulated seeds for €0. This interesting sedge forms dense tussocks of narrow, bronze-brown leaves. Ideal for any part of the garden or just in a nice pot. Soft green foliage which adds a touch of . Listy jsou bronzově hnědé. Will thrive on most soils and positions once establishe but ideally moist and partially shaded that is low in nutrients.

Remove any dead leaves in the summer. Prospívá na slunečném stanovišti v . This hair grass has a soft weeping cascading effect. It forms dense tufts of pale greenish-yellow, . Bronze Perfection Sedge Dwarf ornamental grasses with irregular growth habit.

Plant thick swathes of it around. The slender arching, grassy . Grass-like Perennial: Evergreen and clump forming ornamental grass. The blades curl at the ends .

This cool season evergreen perennial grass has shimmering, fine-texture silvery-green leaves that curl attractively at the tip and cascade from the centre of the . Zones – grows -18. Rostliny vypadají skoro jako suché, až bledě . Popis, rozrůstavost: 30cm vysoká. Stálezelená novozélandská ostřice.