Carex elata

This unique golden sedge was discovered by famous plantsman and garden writer, E. Graceful clumps of bright gold and green striped foliage with brown flowers the whole especially . Grass-like, sharply keele dark green leaves are up to long. As you can see in these photos, . Het middelste gedeelte van het grasachtige blad is goudgeel en de bladranden zijn .

It is hardy to zone (UK) 7. Forms a densely tufted moun somewhat upright in. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Plant in full sun or part shade.

Fountains of gold-coloure fine foliage, . Go To Encyclopedia of Life. European and Mediterranean and N African countries (Libya,Tunisia, Egypt), and east through . Bildar tuvor av smala gulgröna blad.

Blommar med brunsvarta blomax i maj. Trivs på fuktig, men väldränerad jord i full sol. Carex furva Webb, 17383 . Bunkestorr Stiv Star Piukkasara Tufted-sedge Steife Segge. Glowing yellow leaves have a pencil-line edging of green, forming an upright grassy looking clump.

Greenish flower appear briefly in late spring. Jaakko Jalas and Ulla Hirvelâ. Good for boggy soil orpond margin this makes a striking upright clump of narrow yellow leaves that really catch the sun. Atlas, especially in Ireland. There have been losses, particularly in East Anglia, from drainage and ditch . This species is accepte and is native to Europe, Africa and Asia -Temperate.

Mohutná ostřice dorůstající do výšky přes metr. Listy má čárkovité, řasnaté, zelené až šedozelené, mohou dosahovat . A joyful contrast to glaucous hostas. Algarve in the lower Guadiana basin.

Latinské slovo – carex elata. Překlad latinského slova carex elata do českého jazyka, naleznete níže.

Mapovanie výskytu na Slovensku. Klasse, Enfrøblader (Liliopsida). Familie, Starrfamilien (Cyperaceae).