Carex panicea

Některá data mohou pocházet z datové položky. It is known as grass-like sedge and can be found in . Tausch Čeleď: Cyperaceae Juss. Rozšíření: Roste ve velké části Evropy, . Nové listy raší od dubna až května.

V dobrých podmínkách poměrně rychle nabírá na hmotě.

Slovensky: Ostrica prosová. POPIS: Vytrvalá, výběžkatá, až cm . A very common species of flushes, lakeside fens and other wet places. The rather widely-spaced roundish fruits . Carex panicea – ostřice prosová. Some believe that this plant was brought to this continent by the Vikings. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service.

A british native marginal grass with blue-ish coloured evergreen leaves . Plants colonial, long-rhizomatous.

Leaves: proximal sheaths with blades, . Biotopes: Wet Meadows, Peat Bogs and Mires. Herbivores: Aphantopus hyperantus Larva. Flower Visitors: Micropterix aureatella.

Primula scotica and Trifolium occidentale occur occasionally within their ranges of distribution. Rige: Planteriget (Plantae). Klasse: Enkimbladede (Liliopsida). Orden: Halvgræsordenen (Cyperales). Grass-like Sedge learn more about names for this taxon.

Nilsson ex Neuman, Synonym, L. A perennial sedge with blue-green leaves. The stem is triangular in shape and sharp. Superphylum, Spermatophyte. Description: FBA Herbarium.

Location: Nor Moss, near High Wray, North Lancashire.

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