Ceanothus blue mound

Blue Mound je menší odrůda latnatce s květy, jejichž barva je věrnou kopií barvy letní oblohy bez mráčku. Blueblossom originates in California and Mexico and these days it is getting more and more popular in our climate though it is supposed to be . Compact form smothered in blue flowers in early summer. This plant lives up to its name in early.

Bee FriendlyGood to know . A vigorous dwarf creeping evergreen shrub with clusters of bright blue flowers in late spring and early summer.

A useful ground cover plant for dry sunny banks . Plus many more species descriptions for trees. They are a well known and widely planted shrub with many. Mound -forming, evergreen shrub with finely toothe glossy, dark green leaves. Covered in dark blue flowers. Shrubs at Squires Garden Centres.

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A dense bushy small to medium sized shrub, with glossy green leaves and dense clusters of bright blue flowers in May and June, and . Clusters of small blue flowers in spring – choose from our extensive selection of plants, seeds, bulbs and garden sundries online. NURSERY KUROWSCY – all rights reserved. Copying of photos and descriptions is forbidden . Soyez le premier à laisser un avis sur ce produit ! Click here to find out more. The flowers are white, greenish–white, blue, dark purple-blue, pale purple or pink,. Dense clusters of bright blue flowers in early summer offset well against the small deep evergreen leaves.

Bushy mound forming habit with a height and spread . If they had scented blue flowers so much the better. There are several mound – forming ceanothus to fit the bill. The lowest, such as the knee-high C. Catmint Nepeta Walkers Low perennial herb plant scented leaves lilac – blue flowers loved by bees and butterflies.

A real tough plant that will just keep flowering . Vigorous, bushy, evergreen, arching shrub with dark, glossy-green . Evergreen shrub with green leaves and blue flowers in Spring. A mound-forming, evergreen shrub that is .