Chamaedorea elegans

Chamaedorea elegans je vysoká pokojová rostlina podobná palmě. Někdy se jí u nás proto říká horská palma. Správné české jméno je však . Chamaedora vyžaduje světlé stanoviště v bytě, ne však přímé sluneční světlo. Others Only for decoration.

Not suitable for consumption.

Temperature Minimum temperature 54º F (12°C). These are related to the very small C. If this sounds like the story of your life, then have I got a great deal for you: the chamaedorea elegans , otherwise known as the parlor palm. Common Name: Parlour PalmMature Size: ft. Growth Rate: Moderate Optimum Tempurature: 65°-85° F Additional Characteristics: House . It can reach meters high.

It makes an excellent pot plant and interior . Teplota Minimální teplota °C.

Umístění K vnitřnímu použití. A lovely little palm with bright green arching leaves that grow from the base. Prefers bright, indirect light with occasional misting of the leaves. Rostlina je pěstována jako kokedama – rostlina v mechu, výška cca cm. Groot BV on FlorAccess, the online platform for professional buyers.

A, Side view of a single shoot. B, Side view of the pinnate reduplicate leaf with a diagram of a . Go To Encyclopedia of Life. While a considerable amount of C. HORTSCIENCE 31(5):839–842. Irradiance Level and Fertilizer Rate. Plant with add ins(butterfly, twigs, etc) Order PARLOR PALM . Hier erfahren Sie wie sie die mexikanische Grazie pflanzen . Send PARLOR PALM PLANT with a local florist through Flower Shop Network!

Stunning small palm plant – these guys can grow really big if you let them! Our plants are repotted into flower pots with good potting soil and ready for your home or office.