Cornus venus

Tento kříženec pochází z dlouhodobého mezidruhového křížení druhů cornus kousa a cornus nuttallii. Orton z univerzity Rutgers ve státě New . This dogwood comes from an interspecific hybridization of Japanese dogwood and cornus nuttallii. Orton from the Rutgers University of New Jersey,.

U nás nakoupíte japonské rostliny, jehličnany, listnáče, magnolie a další. Vote for your favourite plant from our list of the Top Plants of the Past Years as .

Photo: Venus dogwood shrub. This award winning new variety was selected . Learn more about Monrovia. Available in 3-, 10- and 35-litre pots. Cornus Venus (Flowering Dogwood). A breeding of Chinese and Western American Dogwood.

A už jsme doma – ve světě rostlin. Bohužiaľ sa nám nepodarilo nájsť produkt cornus venus. Máme pre Vás však niekoľko tipov: Skúste sa pozrieť, či nemáte v hľadanom slove preklepy .

A Rutgers selection with huge white flowers, foliage resistant to the leaf diseases that plague . Venus Dogwood – had two – neither have done well in years, barely had leaves on them . Japanischer Blumen Hartriegel Venus – eine gute winterharte Pflanze, besitzt sehr viele und sehr große Blüten, Herbstfärbung, Fruchtschmuck. Odmiana o bardzo dużych i niezwykle efektownych p. It has showy flowers which are actually white petal . Europa`s neuer Stern am Pflanzenhimmel. Am meisten werden Hartriegel-Liebhaber mit der Fülle von großen Blüten . This newer dogwood boasts a profusion of large, creamy white flowers with a . What a pleasure it was for me to hear from him.

This vigorous hybrid has the flowers of its C. In late spring, it is covered . True flowers are tiny and surrounded by large, . Er lässt sich nicht nur direkt im Garten auspflanzen, sondern. Fleurs composées de bractées blanches, en mai-juin. Large shrub to small tree, 3-m tall, 2-2.

Dogwood A deciduous shrub with glossy green . Small inconspicuous buttons surrounded . A vigorous grower with a good.