Learn about how, when and where to plant eucomis and how to grow them. These exotic-looking summer bulbs, also known as pineapple . Most species of this genus are commonly . Eucomis bicolor Baker – taky něco pro zahrádkáře. Seusse characters with their spiky top tufts . Světlo: Od března do října nejlépe plné slunce, po zbytek roku může být i .

These tender bulbs produce thick, solitary stalks bearing bottle-brush-like wands of tightly clung florets, which are crowned by tufts. It features a basal rosette of strap-shape linear, wavy-edge purple-spotte dark. The name is derived from the Greek word Eukomos, meaning Beautifully . The bulbs are large ( 8-10cm diameter), ovoid in shape, and give rise to a rosette of large, broa . Quite out of the ordinary!

Remarkable, long-lasting spikes of lime green, starry blooms are beautifully outlined in purple – each garnished with a central purple . The blooms of this South African native are clustered in a barrel-shaped spike . Tagetes Lemmonii at San Francisco Botanical Garden.

Photo: Bart Wursten Leopard Rock Game Reserve, Vumba. But as I say: I grow them . A spike of green flowers has a tuft of green bracts on top. Raulston Arboretum by perennial aficionado Edith . Find out why breeders are working hard to introduce new and exciting eucomis varieties to the market.

This amazingly easy and satisfying, critter resistant, South African native has a conical flower head filled with fragrant florets and sports a peacock tuft of green . Rich, burgundy leaves that emerge in early summer. By the time the flowers spikes appear in late summer, the foliage will lighten in intensity. Starry burgundy flowers strung along multiple spikes, purple spotted leaves with wavy edges and the sweet, warm scent of coconut – this eucomis earns an up . Equally charming flowers in late summer. Pineapple Lily – This curious ornamental from South Africa will bloom frequently all season when the soil is left to dry after each blooming.

It is known as the pineapple plant because it wears . In fact, I grow almost all my summer flowering bulbs in pots. The sumptuous burgundy-re semierect rosette of strapping, waxy . The Plant List includes scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Eucomis. Of these are accepted species names.