Gardenia tahitensis

Gardenia taitensis, also called Tahitian gardenia or Tiaré flower, is a species of plant in the. Gardenia weissichii; Gardenia tahitensis ; Randia tahitensis . A Gardénia do Tahiti ( Gardenia tahitensis ), mais conhecida como Flor de Tiaré, é uma planta perfumada da família das rubiáceas, conhecida essencialmente . Tiaré ( Gardenia tahitensis ), jež je známa svou intenzivní vůní a pozoruhodnými kosmetickými účinky, se vyskytuje pouze na Tahiti a nelze se s ní setkat nikde . Traditional beauty oil used by Polynesian women. Oil obtained from tiare flowers maceration in coprah oil – coprah oil is the result of a. This is our most popular and sought after Gardenia. GARDENIA TAITENSIS Tahitian Gardenia , Tiare.

It is the national flower of Tahiti. CTFA NAME : Water, Glycerin, Gardenia tahitensis flower extract, Phenoxyethanol. CUSTOMS CODE : 1302198000.

Tiare Flower Gardenia tahitensis (Rubiaceae) 3. Odor profile: tropical Tahitian gardenia scent with an attractive smell which often reminds us of suntan lotion in.

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