GOMPHRENA HAAGEANA Klotzsch – pestrovka Haageova. A must for any cutting garden, gomphrena is beautiful and long lasting either fresh or dried for arrangements. Thrives in heat and poor soil. Gomphrena coccinea Loudon, Gomphrena tuberifera Torr. This completely unique species is hands-down the best garden plant that we have seen in years of evaluating new plants.

It quickly grows to form a full, dense,.

Ta má hlávkovitá květenství nejčastěji v purpurové . Compact, flowering bedding plants are typical in summer flower gardens. But taller, wilder-looking flowering. Today Awesome garden talk about how to care gomphrena flower plant. Sow gomphrena seeds indoors to get a head start, or outdoors where you want the plants to grow at about the time of your last spring frost. FREE-nah glo-BO-sah Audio.

A bushy, hairy- leaved annual, globe amaranth bears round purple flower bracts on thick stems . The well-branche upright plants of gomphrena continuously produce clover-like blooms all summer. Harvesting promotes flower production.

The persistent, 1½-2″ long, . Blooming Season : Late Spring, Summer. Spacing : – (- 15cm). Height : – (- 66cm).

Find gomphrena seeds and hundreds of other flower seed varieties from leading flower seed provider, Harris Seeds. Family Name : Amaranthaceae. Get expert gardening tips on the GLOBE AMARANTH.

How much sun, shade, water and care does it need? These sparkling flowers are real head-turners. With their bright pink flower clusters, they are quite architectural.

Some of the narrow quill-like petals are . It has performed very well in hot, humid climates where it . Although perennial in USDA zones 9-1 it must be treated as an . It even withstands a bit of drought once it is establishe so it . Common globe-amaranth is native to Asia and commonly grown as a garden ornamental. Numerous cultivars exist, with a broad range of flower . The blooms are strawberry-shaped and pointed upright, perfect for butterflies .