Hemerocallis corky

Nenáročná, mrazuvzdorná trvalka . Similar to Golden Chimes but cooler. A small dainty plant whose slender branching stems carry a long succession of pale yellow flowers with bronze reverse. We see so many daylilies that have huge gawdy overblown flowers sorry daylilly collectors.

Modern Daylilies are the product of many years of breeding work, resulting in freely blooming plants of the easiest garden culture.

They form dense clumps of . Bohužiaľ sa nám nepodarilo nájsť produkt hemerocallis corky. Máme pre Vás však niekoľko tipov: Skúste sa pozrieť, či nemáte v hľadanom slove preklepy . Autoři Markéta Macháčková Hemerocallis Corky. Click here to find out more.

Tijdens de bloei zijn de bloemen geel met aan de . The purple backe golden flowers make this variety choice and distinctive. Dwarf growing and suited to cottage garden or border.

Clear yellow with dark buds held up by widely branching scapes. Flat blooms on tall scapes over fine foliage. An ol but lovely variety with slender yellow trumpets with contrasting mahogany stripe on the back of the petals.

Soyez le premier à laisser un avis sur ce produit ! Długowieczna, kępiasta bylina o dekoracyjnych li. Taglilie Corky – aufrecht und bogig geneigt wachsende Staude mit hell-gelben Blüten und grünem Laub, Dauerblüher, robust. It is one of the most elegant of its kin every . Ze staan op hoge stengels. This one is much more elegant than the usual daylily , with smaller flower and narrower, grassy leaves. Minimum temperature: -30° F. The daylilies at Sussex Prairie Garden have been stunning this year.

Dwarf and prolific with pale yellow trumpets. An old but lovely variety with slender yellow trumpets with contrasting mahogany stripe on the back of the petals Unlike many daylilies the foliage. This dwarf Daylily has a refined and dainty, yet in some ways, exotic look.

Deze daglelie heeft smalle heldergroene zwaardvormige bladeren en . Prohlašuji, že jsem práci: Rod Hemerocallis L. VÄXTPLATS: Sol-halvskugga.

Mycket tacksam i de flesta jordar. Men gärna väldränerat lätt .