Lagenandra meeboldii

Rozšíření: Asie – Srí Lanka, Indie. This plant is originally from India and is quite similar to a medium-size broad- leaved Cryptocoryne. It can be used in the aquarium like Cryptocorynes, but . This is no doubt due in part to its tank-busting proportions.

Lagenandra meeboldii “pink” is a plant that is not frequently encountered in the hobby. This Lagenandra from the south-west of India has not long been known as.

A video detailing the beautiful. Lagenandra Meeboldii is a rare plant belonging to the same family as Bucephalandra and Homalomena. Its an easy plant to care for and can be grown both . These originate from Sri Lanka and . Można ją wykorzystać w akwarium . Undemanding plant but will do very well in nutrient rich substrate, bright light, COand adequate nutrient dosing.

Tuote on tilapäisesti loppunut varastostamme. Voit tilata sähköpostiisi automaattisen ilmoituksen siitä, kun tuote on taas tilattavissa .

Umístění Dominta- střední část akvaria. Rozmnožování Řízkováním- z. Starostlivosť – nenáročná. Common Name: Red Round Leaf Lagenandra Plant Use: Midground.

Although it has leaves like a Crypt it has a rhizome much like an Anubias. Lagenandra patrí k vzácnejším druhom akváriovým rastlín s honosným a nevšedným sfarbením listov. Sfarbenie listov sa prispôsobujú podmienkam v akváriu, . Lagenandra Dalzell – rodzaj wieloletnich, słodkowodnych helofitów, rzadziej. Stock: Where to buy View in storelocator . Vhodné pro: aquascaping, nano cube.

Care: EasyLight: Low to MediumCo2: Not necessaryPropagation: Cut along . Diese interessante Aquarienpflanze wurde als Lagenandra keralensis aus Japan. Aquatic Plant Centre Thailand added a new photo. Image may contain: plant and food. Online shop of rare aquarium plants from Rostov, Russia.

Laganandra is part of the Cryptocorynes family, but differs itself by the more robust growth and shape.