Lantana camara

Libora je stálezelený keř s nápadným květenstvím. Rostlina pochází z tropických a subtropických oblastí Ameriky, kde dosahuje výšky několika metrů. Sanders – may soon become accepted as the name for the species that is widely . It has been introduced to most of the tropics and subtropics as a . Naturalized in approximately countries or island groups between N and S latitudes.

Occurs widely in the Asia-Pacific.

Its allelopathic qualities can reduce vigour of nearby plant species and reduce productivity in orchards. There is a high risk of this plant . Queenslan Fraser Island and the . This amazing plant comes in many combinations of re yellow, and orange flowers in small clusters. They grow as a bush and can . Leaves decussate-opposite or ternate, simple,.

Faculty of Veterinary Science. Lantana camara has been the focus of . Primera página de la especie Inicio del sitio ( Home).

Photo: Bart Wursten Leopard Rock Game Reserve. America – Venezuela and Colombia, through Central America to Mexico and the Caribbean. Mainly a weed of plantation crops and . Description from Flora of China. Shrubs with long weak branches, armed with stout recurved prickles, pubescent.

Meloidogyne javanica, the root-knot nematode, was tested under laboratory and pot . Present address: Plant Protection Research Institute. Republic of South Africa). Conservation Code: Not threatened.

Naturalised Status: Alien to Western Australia Name Status: . Despite its brightly coloured . Its natural home is south . Its leaves and flowers contain toxins, lantadene A and B, so unfit . Both species show the same pollination syndrome and are pollinated by Lepidoptera. It is established and expanding in many .