Liriope spicata

Má trávovité, úzké, dlouhé a stálezelené listy a kvete na vzpřímených stoncích . It is hardy to zone (UK) 4. Erect flower spikes with pale lavender to white . Plants form a dense, spreading mound of grassy, dark-green . Lilyturf Author: Andrew Foy. Convallaria spicata Thunberg in Murray, Syst.

Forest and Kim Starr, Starr Environmental, Bugwood. Tolerant of most soil types. Synonym, Full Citation, Basionym, Type. Plantae – rostliny oddělení Magnoliophyta – rostliny krytosemenné třída Liliopsida – rostliny jednoděložné řád . Liriope muscari is what I have.

Four above: Conway, Arkansas. Dense lavender flower spikes. Herbaceous Perennial Flower, Ground Cover. This tough, cold hardy (to Zone 4), spreading, semi-evergreen groundcover .

Bright silvery variegated foliage. In late summer bears silver stems with pale lavender flowers followed by black, berry- like . Variegated Creeping Lily Turf. Plant Type: Ground Cover, Perennial.

A grass-like plant that blooms! Common Name: Creeping Lily-turf, Monkey Grass. Evergreen-Deciduous: Evergreen. Lirope is a unique evergreen groundcover with dark green, quarter inch wide, . This plant has poison characteristics.

Spreading, grass-like ground cover. In fact, it actually resembles lawn grass but with wider blades. Ophiopogon spicata, creeping lilyturf, monkey grass. Is the species highly domesticated? Blooms with pale lavender to near white flower spikes mid-Summer.

USDA PLANTS Symbol: LISPU. Nativity: Exotic Habit: Herb. Although creeping liriope is drought tolerant once establishe performance will be best in moist, fertile soil in a place out of the way of frequent .