Liriope je u nás méně známá rostlina, která se v zahradnictvích spíše řadí mezi trávy, i když patří do stejné čeledi jako lilie. Pochází ze stinných lesů východní . Liriope is a genus of low, grass-like, flowering plants from East Asia and Southeast Asia. Some species are often used in landscaping in temperate latitudes. Liriope spicata is a species of low, herbaceous flowering plant from East Asia.

Liriope muscari is a species of low, herbaceous flowering plants from East Asia.

Liriope ( Liriope spp.), sometimes known as lily turf, is a tough, grass-like perennial that thrives in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones through . It is hardy to zone (UK) 8. This page will tell you how to grow the popular liriope bedding plant as a successful houseplant. A grass-like plant that blooms! Common Name: Blue Lily-turf, Monkey Grass.

The four species of Liriope , all Asian natives, are evergreen perennials that spread to form deep carpets of grasslike leaves. Liriope are low growing, grass-like ground cover flowering plants that add structure to any landscape with many foliage or bloom colors to choose from . A very robust grass-like plant.

Forms clumps of dark green leaves,whitish flowers on short spikes in summer. When liriope is planted under deciduous trees, fallen leaves and debris often sift down through the foliage and are thus hidden. Although shade is preferre . Slowly spreading mounds of evergreen strap like foliage and spikes of attractive purplish blue flowers in late summer. A hardy selection featuring exceptional flower counts of deep purple fall blooms that are held above the rich, evergreen weeping foliage.

Also known as lily turf or . Deer-resistant ground cover provides pops of color from midsummer to early fall. Variegated Liriope grows in a variety of conditions including full sun and shade. Liriope , sometimes called lilyturf, is among our best evergreen ground covers. It multiplies rapidly and requires very little care.

This is a really unique cultivar of Liriope originally from Japan. Its new foliage emerges in the spring with almost completely white leaves, which as. The liriope species are similar and even confused in the ornamental trade, with big blue lilyturf being the more common invasive. Liriope patří do kategorie stálezelených evergreenů, které řadíme do čeledi Liliaceae – liliovité. Domovem rostliny je východní Asie.

See more ideas about Monkey grass, Landscaping ideas and Diy landscaping ideas. There are two types of liriope or monkey grass-not just variegated and green. There are clumping forms and spreading forms, and they both have variegated and .

Silvery Sunproof is a muscari liriope with boldly striped foliage and flower spikes of soft lilac. It makes a perfect choice for groundcover or edging a . Several varieties of Liriope species, a grass-like groundcover very similar in use and appearance to its close cousins the mondo grasses (Ophiopogon sp.),. Key Features: Very hardy . Learn how to grow and care for beautiful liriope.

These shade and sun-loving perennials make a great ground cover!