Lobelia tupa

It is an evergreen perennial . This amazing perennial is unlike any other lobelia you may have grown. Long tapering spires of curious brownish-red tubular flowers carried on tall dark stems, contrast with light green tobacco-like leaves. A magnificent feature plant . The stems are red-purple and the leaves lance shape downy and grey-green.

Lobelia tupa , a native of Chile, is a robust, upright, clump forming perennial. An evergreen exotic herbaceous perennial in mild climates but even in a cold garden, will always come . An incredible giant hardy lobelia from Chile. From a large rosette of thick leathery felted . Lobelia Tupa from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy – Information: robust upright perennial from Chile with reddish purple stems and orange-red . A spectacular shrubby species from Chile with greyish felted leaves and contrasting brick red flowers.

An unusual and attractive border plant if you have room. In very severe winter weather the crowns should be protected.

Chilean perennial six to eight feet high, has reddish or scarlet flowers. As a native of Chile it adapted to the local conditions growing very. Strong, sturdy plants in excess of two metres tall.

This is one of my top favorite plants and . What should they know of lobelia who only blue lobelia know? Flame coloured flowers which are spectacular. Itfull sun and well drained soil. Lobelia Tupa is a tall hardy perennial plant with reddish stems and spikes of tubular red flowers in late summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

Great prices on your favourite Gardening brands, and free delivery on eligible orders. LOBELIA tupa – brick re large lanceolate leaves, needs winter protectionChile. Amazing Chilean Lobelia that is perfectly hardy here if you mulch it during nasty cold snaps. The lushly tropical color scheme of this somewhat tender Chilean native is alluring.

Striking orange-red to scarlet flowers produced en . Rarely offere this species is totally different to its more common annual relatives. A robust and stately plant with multiple erect stems clothed in fairly large . Lobelia Tupa , or Devil Tobacco is a upright, woody perennial which has narrow, long leaves, grey and green coloure soft and hairy to touch.

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