Maxforce gel

An insecticidal gel bait for the control of cockroach nymphs and adults in domestic premises, public . Speciálně vyvinutý gel pro spolehlivé hubení švábů a rusů domácích. MaxForce IC gel , insecticid impotriva gandacilor de bucatarie. Het middel is zeer aantrekkelijk voor mieren en . A thick liqui highly palatable ant bait that controls both sweet and protein loving ants, including Pharaoh, Ghost, Black and Argentine Ants.

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An effect on the cockroach population . Subject: Label amendment-Reducing the application rate of gel bait placements for cockroaches. A gel bait for the control of cockroaches . MAXFORCE FC ROACH KILLER BAIT GEL – X GM. Relevant identified uses of the . Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35.

Buy OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick at Walmart. Cockroaches only need to touch the bait to die.

Bayer Environmental Science. Professional Insect Control Roach Killer Bait Gel. It is not acutely toxic upon oral or dermal exposure. Place out the maxforce roach gel and watch them die fast.

FOR USE IN COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND. Apply with syringe applicator or bait injector directly into cracks and crevices. Chemical group: Hydrazide. Place applicator tip into cracks and crevices and where ants may travel. Maxforce roach bait works great and fast.

Read reviews from past users. Ants ,sugar antwill carry the bait back to . Find product information, ratings and reviews for OxiClean Max Force Pre Treater Gel Stick 6. Mischung aus insektizidem Gel und. View Gumtree Free Online Classified Ads for maxforce gel in Gauteng and more. AN INSECTICIDAL GEL BAIT FOR THE CONTROL OF COCKROACHES IN DOMESTIC PREMISES, PUBLIC HYGIENE AND FOOD STORAGE. MaxForce Gel é um baraticida profissional composto pelo poderoso princípio ativo Imidacloprido que não dá chances para baratas.

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