Miscanthus sinensis rotsilber

Also known as Japanese Silver Grass, there are many selections now available, all providing a wonderful fall display of showy plumes, and remaining attractive . Miscanthus sinensis Rotsilber – ozdobnice čínská. The inflorescense bloom a beautiful shiny wine-red and stand just . One more reason I enjoy autumn in the garden. Narrow green leaves with strong silvery mid rib, enhanced in autumn by reddish tinge which seeps into flower stems and sheath holding silky feather plumes.

Usually Flowers : August, September. Compact mound of dark green . Requires a sheltered position in full sun and a well drained but moist soil. Planting Instruction Prepare the ground well by turning t. Wonderful mounds of bright green leaves and many striking deep pinky red flower plumes from summer onwards.

This variety has green leaves with a silver midrib. Die silbrigen Samenstände und das rötliche Laub leuchten aus Ihre. Les feuilles étroites, à .

Trawa bylinowa, tworząca kępy o wysokości m. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. It is extraordinarily adaptable to . This Ornamental Grass features narrow, silvery foliage that turns gold in the fall and is topped . Diese Pflanze sollte im Herbst nicht zurückgeschnitten werden, da sie im Winter hübsch aussieht, oder die abgestorbenen Pflanzenteile als Winterschutz . Description : Produit des panicules argentées teintées de rouge au dessus de feuilles étroites à nervures argentées. Description: The silky panicles of this grass open pink- re fading as they dry, and the leaves are green with a warm orange-red autumn. Het smalle groene afhangende blad van deze . Graminée au feuillage mince et étroit. De nederlandse naam is Prachtriet, familie van de Poaceae.

De bloemkleur is zilverrood en de bloeitijd is van ca. In autumn this plant is laden with plumes of deep, bronzy-red flowers aging to a majestic silver colour. Find the perfect miscanthus sinensis rotsilber stock photo. Upright ornamental grass with narrow, arching green leaves with a silver midrib.

A hardy, beautiful grass of many contrasts. Sturdy, upright, arching green leaves are accented with a silver midrib.

Foliage turns an orange maroon in the fall. Blüten zuerst rot, dann silbern von September–Oktober. Boden durchlässig und frisch. Als Sichtschutz, für Schnitt, in Gefässe.