Musa tropicana

Tento banánovník kokrétně tropicana patří mezi nejmenší banánovníky, které je možné získat. Thread in the Tropicals forum forum by Plantage: Hello, something happen to my banana plant. After I bought it from the local store, I repotted it. Ahoj, prosim te jestli nekdy zjistis proc takhle hynou listy tak mi to taky napis.

This beautiful musa is also called banana plant or banana tree and deserves a light spot in your room or office.

V případě, že o tuto rostlinu máte zájem, kontaktujte nás – kontaktní formulář. Sháníte i jiné rostliny, které zde nemáme ? Kontaktujte nás, pokusíme se Vámi požadovanou rostlinu co. Recently i have got this small banana. This variety is a Fruit and so it loves the sunshine and warm temperatures.

But it also has a higher water . Banana plant approx 80cms tall in a 17cm pot.

Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. HRNKU:12cm, POZNÁMKA:jedlé plody, NÁROKY NA PĚSTOVÁNÍ:Banánovník pochází z Asie, Austrálie, Afriky a . Velké listy s červeným hlavním nervem,květy hrozen. Katalógové číslo : 4MUTRRSKategórie: Rastliny, E-shop. This compact growing plant is characterised by its green leaves. Perfect as an indoor dwarf banana plant.

Deze mooie musa wordt ook wel bananenplant of bananenboom genoemd en verdient een lichte plek in uw kamer of kantoor. Most banana trees are offered as dwarf trees so their size makes them suitable . It can be used as a stand-alone specimen plant or a. Can be kept as an indoor plant, or plant outside and protect from frost in the winter. Salopp mit Zierbanane, Bananenpalme oder Zimmerbanane übersetzt, weiß fast jeder was gemeint ist. A tight growing dwarf banana suitable for in-door plant decorations either grown alone as a specimen or in groups to fill large containers.

Do you know if the bananas of this banana tree are edible? Just another WordPress site. Grows only to about feet in height.

Be the First to Write a Review. Musa tropicana – 12Ltr pot, . Dwarf Cavendish či Super Dwarf Cavendish, Picollo, Tropicana a jiné. Zde by měla být umístěna na světlém . Are they : red tiger , cavendish or what?

With a bit of luck your plant may even flower and actually produce bananas. The pot looks much too small for the size of plant. Try taking it out and seeing if the roots are squeezed.

That having been sai they seldom work well in pots.