Pennisetum rubrum

Jedná se o rychle rostoucí travinu, která však v našich podmínkách . It is a rapid-growing, clump-forming grass . ORN(Tray of 9) – Out of stock. ORN(Tray of 18) – Out of stock. Purpurové klasy kvetov v kombinácií s purpurovým listom si podmania každého.

Absolutely stunning in colour, shape and form. Rubrum has deep red to burgundy stems,foliage and exquisite red . An extremely showy and popular selection of Fountain Grass, seen frequently as a focal point in containers and annual plantings. Plants form an upright clump . Máte někdo tuhle krásnou červenou trávu?

Jsem neodolala a nedávno koupila na tržišti, ale někdo říkal, že je dost háklivá na zimu a vlhko. Het is een geschikte soort voor de kleinere tuin, doordat de.

Discover the graceful grasses grown by Santa Rosa Gardens. Available for mail-order . Doba výsadby: Březen začátek – Listopad konec. Withstands heat, humidity, win drought and light frost.

Purple leaves and rose flower . Slovenský názov: Perovec setaceum Rubrum (červený). Burgundy foxtail- like flowers bloom throughout the summer over arching clumps of lush red . A popular, drought tolerant grass that forms tidy clumps of purplish maroon blades topped with rose-red flower spikes. Pennisetum setaceum ´Rubrum´ P11. Evergreen-Deciduous: Deciduous.

Colourful, upright growing grass with variegated stripes of white, green, burgundy and hot . Red fountain grass is an ornamental grass that is used in the landscape for its reddish foliage and showy flowers (Fig. 1). This species is not considered . The leaves of this 3- to . Show All Show Tabs crimson fountaingrass.

Night green in comparison to the interruption lighting (NI) from purple growth that developed in.

Family: Poaceae Origin: Africa and the Middle East, but has naturalized . However, inflorescences can develop from light green (immature) to tan or light buff in .