Penstemon digitalis husker red

Noteworthy Characteristics. Our plants are grown by cuttings from the original stock plants . Penstemon digitalis , česky dračík náprstníkový, je trvalka, která pochází ze Severní. Husker Red Strain“ celé vegetační. Plants form a sturdy mound of leaves, beet- red during the .

ISU Horticulture Herbaceous Ornamentals. Striking, maroon- red foliage with a dark green underlay distinguishes this Penstemon from the other cultivars. White flowers with a tinge of light pink are borne . Clustered heads of green buds opening white flowers are enhanced by calyces, stems and foliage stained beetroot purple.

In spring, strong stems rise bearing deep red sessile . This native makes a stunning display with its brilliant white flowers against a backdrop of deep red foliage. Penstemon is a large genus of herbaceous perennials in the plantain family (Plantaginaceae) .

The flowers are white and. Perennial Plant of the Year Hardiness: USDA Zones 3-Light: Full sun preferred. Soil: Well-drained garden soils.

Uses: Accent plant, massed in b. Beautiful, lettuce-like, deep red leaves give rise to thick spikes of white flowers. Butterflies visit the flowers for nectar and songbirds such as cardinals and . Learn more about Monrovia. Good foliage effect in the border. It was selected and introduced by Dale Lindgren of the University of . Frosty- white bell flowers with a purple sheen bloom April-July. Beetroot- coloured stems and foliage form a superb background to the swaying stems of . A two-for-the-price-of-one plant is this fine, vigorous cultivar grown both for its ornamental, bronze-purple . Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

De plant is fraai vanwege . Smooth Penstemon Cultivar. It has tubular white flowers on a panicle held above the .

Beautiful plant with an abundance of attractive white foxglove-like flowers with a very pale pink blush that are stunning against the dark purple-bronze foliage. Purple-leaved plants provide great contrast in the garden, adding a dark punctuation in what might otherwise be a sea of green. An introduction from the University of Nebraska.

This is coupled with contrasting spikes . Bronze- red foliage and white flowers with a tint of pink in late spring and early summer.