Perovskia atriplicifolia

Tuto položku není v současné době možné koupit. Nápadné jsou především díky své stříbřité barvě. AMG RHS – Garden Merit medonosná rostlina, potrava pro opylovače.

Malý keř, velmi oblíbený pro . A genus in the Mint family that includes only species, all. Its aromatic, grey-green leaves are entire like those of Little .

Plants are vigorous and very . Russian Sage is extremely valuable for its long season of bloom in the summer garden. These spectacular plants, also known as . Blue Spire je hybridní kříženec dvou druhů perovskie. Je to opadavý poloker so vzpriamenými sivobielymi konármi, na ktorých vyrastajú . Common Name: Russian Sage.

Airy spikes of lavender-blue flowers top strong stems with small, finely . Go To Encyclopedia of Life.

With finely cut silvery foliage, Filigran has received high praise for its upright habit and long flowering period. It is a staple in my design work. Hardiness Degree: -30°F (-3°C). But thankfully, on to centre stage comes perovskia, the last and tallest member of the sun-lovers.

Category: spices, other natural seasonings and flavorings. Recommendation for perovskia atriplicifolia usage levels up to: not for fragrance use. Perovskia atriplicifolia is a PERENNIAL growing to 1. Soil: Well-drained garden soil.

Growing only to about to 75cm (to 30in) tall and about. Notes: Updated for ITIS by the Flora . Gray-green foliage with an herbal aroma. Lavender-blue flowers and a shorter, more upright. Airy, deeply-lobe gray green . VEGETATIVE PROPAGATION OF PEROVSKIA. Show All Show Tabs Russian sage.

The Russian sage is a distinctive flowering perennial growing with several upright branches from the base, reaching 3-ft. Although Russian sage is native to Iran,.

Pakistan, Tibet and Afghanistan, it is well adapted to our high deserts. Small, abundant, tubular, light-blue flowers bloom on erect stems, July-October. Pervoskia were named after the Russian General Count Vasily Aleskseevich Perovsky and it is this relationship which gives them not only their Latin name but.