Philadelphus virginal

Jak přihlouplé jméno dokázali čeští botanikové kdysi stvořit. Co si budeme povídat, nikdo mu pustoryl neříkáme. Listy jsou zelené s pilovitým okrajem.

Nepravý jasmín je nenáročný keř, kvetoucí i ve stínu, proto je velmi cenný. Květy jsou bílé, vonné, kvetou v . Vigorous form producing masses of pure white double flowers.

Good to know – older plants produce few . Virginal offers up heavily-scente double-heade pure . Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. An erect, strong growing shrub that will . Période de floraison : Juin, Juillet. Deciduous, vigorous shrub with double, pure white, sweetly scented white flowers in mid summer.

If you are seeking a statuesque climber then look no further than the Philadelphus Virginal. It grows to a height of 1.

A vigorous grower, will scramble up fences and walls with ease. De bladeren zijn donkergroen, gezaagd. Orange Blossom Philadelphus Virginal. Flowers: Pure white, double. Scent: Intense, sweet, pungent.

Position: Very tolerant but prefers a sunny position. Pruning: Thin out the old wood after flowering in late spring. Een struik van 250cm hoog. Find philadelphus virginal Stock Images in HD and millions of other.

Pięknie kwitnący krzew o sztywno wyprostowanym,. Beautiful double white, scented flowers in early summer. Van mei tot juni bloeit deze Philadelphus rijkelijk met witte, heerlijk geurende, . Prepare a suitable hole in . My philadelphus virginal is years old.

It has a lot of growth and I was expecting a dazzling display this year. A medium growing deciduous shrub growing to around 1. The pure white flowers are semi-double with.

View features , specifications and buy today. Masses of SWEETLY FRAGRANT .