Pongamia pinnata

Cajum pinnatum (L.) Kuntze, Cytisus pinnatus L. V teoretické části je tato rostlina charakterizována z . Galedupa pinnata (L.) Taub. Millettia novo-guineensis Kaneh. Fabaceae – Papilionoideae.

Illustration of all plant parts. Pierre pongam, karanj, karanga, kanji. Karanja twigs were used as tooth brush in ancient times. The root paste is used for local application.

Its added benefits to grow on marginal . Identification of Compound D. Chemistry Department, Andhra.

Its seeds are used in febrile and inflammatory diseases in Indian system of medicine. BMC Complement Altern Med. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2. Pongamia pinnata Unreviewed. Herbal practices similar to the ones given below may also have . This beautiful tree was formerly common on the coast including Changi, Siglap, . Taxonomy and Nomenclature. The present study deals with the extraction of alkaloids and oil from Karanja seed.

It was observed that Karanja seed grown under the soil and climatic condition . A quick guide to useful nitrogen fixing trees from around the world. Function(s): Skin-Conditioning . It is hardy to zone (UK) 10. Papilionaceae family) shows potent antidiabetic activity.

The plant is also used for the treatment of hypertension and . Original and official translation of the import permit must be presented at the time of making an appointment for an inspction with an authorised officer. Category: information only not used for fragrances or flavors.

Recommendation for pongamia pinnata seed usage levels up to: not for fragrance use. Many herbal remedies individually or in combination have been recommended in various medical treatises for the cure of diff erent diseases.