Rhodohypoxis baurii

Naše specialita – není v běžném sortimentu na trhu. Popis pěstování najdete v Encyklopedii-Z našeho sortimentu. Rhodohypoxis baurii is a species in the genus Rhodohypoxis in the family Hypoxidaceae. It is also known by the common names red star and rosy posy. Pěstování a množení: viz zde.

A tuft of grassy leaves appears in May.

Thus you get a bit of colour variation in the flowers from light to . A rarely offered form with usual grassy green leaves and strong . A charming selection with the white petals edged in purple. In colder regions they can be grown easily in pots, which can be . One of the cutest bulb plants to grow with lots of flat center-less flowers, across and petals each. However, ours survived 7°F in a . Ses petites fleurs lumineuses . Floriferous South African dwarf bulb for the rockgarden and containers. Easy and prolific, very colourful in spring, combine with thymes, cyclamen, and miniature .

Flowers range from white, pink to rose and red. Small little rapidly clumping bulb from South Africa with dense grassy leaves and small pink flowers with some whitish tones produced with some say reckless . It is ideal for Alpine troughs or gravel gardens. Best placed in full sun and grown in peaty soil.

The soil needs to be kept moist in summer. A clump forming herbaceous perennial with leaves covered in fine filamentous hairs and pink flowers. Grow in good well-drained . Størrelse I Høyde 5-cm.

Leaves are dull green with . A little gem of a plant producing a clump of spiky, softly . A low, matting perennial, red star has . Things To Do View our upcoming events. RHODOHYPOXIS baurii , Red Star. Perennial Herb: Deciduous bulb. Rock garden or container plant.

Protect bulbs from cold winter rains. Although it can be affected by frost in severe winters it. Family Name: Hypoxidaceae. Common Name: starflower, red-star.

Dorastá do výšky asi – cm. Kvitne od mája prakticky až do jesene pomerne veľkými .