Soleirolia soleirolii

Optimální je pro rostlinu světlé . Sháníte i jiné rostliny, které zde nemáme? Kontaktujte nás, pokusíme se Vámi požadovanou rostlinu co nejdříve. It is native to certain islands in the western . Parietaria soleirolii (Req.) Spreng.

Kupodivu) patří mezi kopřivovité. Soleirolia repens (Req.) Kuntze. Právě květinu s názvem soleirolia soleirolii přinesl do studia na ukázku pardubický zahradník František Hlubocký.

It prefers shade and moderate moisture . How much sun, shade, water and care does it need? The soleirolia soleirolii (pronouned as so-lay-roll-ya) is best known for being an indoor plant, but makes a low maintenance alternative to grass and can act as . Category: antioxidant, astringent agents. Recommendation for soleirolia soleirolii extract usage levels up to: not for fragrance use.

It is fast- growing and quickly establishes a soft ground-covering carpet that is ideal for . Growing as a luxurious, fine-textured . Forms a carpet of tiny green leaves just a few inches tall. A lovely ground cover plant and particularly pretty when used for edging paths. To download an image please click on the thumbnail.

Please click here for guidance on using the NNSS. Překlady z češtiny do angličtiny, francouzštiny, němčiny, . Lvs suborbicular, 2–mm long. Common Name: Mind your own business. Also known as mind your own business mat forming dense low growing herb with bright tiny bright green leaves. A very useful plant in the water garden as it . A subtropical low moss-like creeping herb from Corsica and Sardinia of the family Urticaceae.

It is also known under the scientific name Helxine soleirolii. Synonyms: Helxine soleirolii Req. Description: Slender creeping herb with stems ± succulent, rooting at the . Plant Characteristics: Pubescent very slender perennial, creeping and rooting at the nodes, 5-cm.

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