PŘÍPRAVEK NA OCHRANU ROSTLIN. Postřikový insekticidní a akaricidní přípravek ve formě emulgovatelného koncentrátu určený k. Na světle je stabilní, je rozpustný ve vodě, což prodlužuje jeho účinnost. Níže naleznete zboží v internetových obchodech, které odpovídá vašemu dotazu.

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Visit our website for more DIY pest control! XU4jULowest Price and Professional Advice at. It does work indoor and outdoor on a variety of . Opis, Kontaktni insekticid širokog spektra delovanja za folijarnu primenu i primenu preko zemljišta. This multi-use formula is so versatile that you can trust it to . Postrekový insekticídny a akaricídny prípravok vo forme emulgovateľného koncentrátu určený na ochranu cukrovej repy proti roztočom a. Cis isomers minimum, trans isomers maximum.

Micro-Injector is a registered trademark of Whitmire Micro-Gen.

Discount will be applied to invoice. Talstar , TalstarOne, U-Turn and. Only commercial lawn care workers with government permission can have access to the . Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin.

Best active ingredient for controlling molecrickets, ants, ticks and other pests in lawns. Tal star PH Insecticide. Wright: The labeling referred to above . This product is extremely toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates.

To pro- tect the environment, do not allow pesticide to enter or run off into storm. Doing your own pest control can save you hundreds of dollars every year while at the same time being just as effective as hiring a professional . TALSTAR 1EC pode ser aplicado por via terrestre, através de pulverizador manual (costal) e tratorizado (pulverizador terrestre ou atomizador), e por via . Insecticide and Dosage t See page for instructions regarding bulk density determinations. VERIFICAR RESTRIÇÕES DE USO CONSTANTES NA LISTA DE AGROTÓXICOS DO. DO NOT use as a foliar spray in banana plantations and orchards where mite predators or other beneficials are established . Granular) per Acre per year. Apply this product directly to the lawn or garden area.

Water treated area as directed on this label.

This is a nice all purpose insecticide, as it just not just focus on one specific pest.