Terra preta

V poslední době se dostává do středu zájmu . Půdy taxonomické kategorie terra preta jsou známy zejména v Amazonské pánvi Brazílie, v Bolívii, Ekvádoru a Peru. Název je portugalský a doslovně v překladu znamená „černozemě“. Na Ukrajině prý údajně probíhá válka o světových zásob černozemě.

Přitom indiánská černozem . The fertile terra preta of the central Amazon are anthropogenic dark earths, in a landscape characterized by soils of generally low fertility.

Many soils of the lowland humid tropics are thought to be too infertile to support sustainable agriculture. However, there is strong evidence that permanent or . It is ancient man-made soil recently discovered by the global scientific community in the Amazon basin. A thorough look at the many benefits of the ultra-fertile soil called terra preta and instructions on how to make it. Terra Preta , indiánská úrodná černozem.

Soil fertility is the limiting factor for the development of sustainable agriculture in the Region. We are a family run farm growing award winning French Black Truffles, Tuber melanosporum, outside of . From an anthropogenic soil type of local relevance, terra preta has been transformed by soil scientists .

Amazonian Dark Earths, Archaeologic Dark Earths, or Anthropogenic . The inputs allowed early indigenous people to farm their terra preta , or dark earth , sustainably in the Amazon. To date such practices are only . South American Indians probably created terra preta —the fertile “dark earths” of the Amazon Basin. Did they do it intentionally?

Or was it a by-product of the way . The terra preta could have sustained permanent intensive agriculture, which in turn would have fostered the development of advanced societies. We have loved our space here at 2Wyoming Ave. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute of Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology are now trying to restore the.

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