Thymus pseudolanuginosus

U nás je rozšířená v podhoří a ve vápencových pohořích. Vyznačuje se rychlejším a plazivým růstem. Listy mají výrazné stříbrné chloupky a jsou šedo-zelené.

It was also formerly known as . One of the best Creeping Thymes for general groundcover purposes.

This is a low, creeping species with fuzzy grey-green foliage, occasionally producing . Trvalka, léčivka – plně mrazuvzdorná. Thymus praecox PSEUDOLANUGINOSUS. Sazenice zakořeněná v nádobě, vegetativně množená.

Hodnocení produktu: Zatím bez hodnocení. It is hardy to zone (UK) 6. Níže naleznete zboží v internetových obchodech, které .

Dense and lush, this groundcover adds a sense of warmth and . Excellent small plant for rock gardens that adds great texture. Stems will form a flat mat and are hairy hence the common name. The foliage is tiny and elliptical. Delightful evergreen selection. Creeping plant forms a dense mat of woolly, fragrant, gray-green foliage.

Dainty pink flowers in midsummer attract bees . Pink flowers in mid-summer. Woolly, olive-grey-green foliage. Very tolerant of a dry situation. Learn more about Monrovia plants and.

It can form wide- spreading mats (but can be restrained by clipping if it gets too large) and is clothed . Wooly thyme is a mat-forming perennial that originates from regions in Europe, North Africa and Asia. Soyez le premier à laisser un avis sur ce produit ! Période de floraison : Juillet, .

Exposure: Full Sun to partial . Flower Color: Bright Pink. This form of thyme rarely blooms or is very shy to bloom. THYMUS PSEUDOLANUGINOSUS. Requires good drainage, full.

You could knit a sweater out of this stuff! Tiny felted gray leaves form a low cushy mat to a height of 2-with . Wooly thyme – the wooliest of all thymes – forms a dense ground-covering mat of tiny, densely hairy leaves. Er bevorzugt durchlässigen Boden in sonniger Lage.