Egeria densa

Rychle rostoucí rostlina, která je vhodná i pro začátečníky. Latinský název: Egerie densa. Obtížnost pěstování: snadná. Umístění v akváriu: pozadí, plovoucí.

Egeria produces flowers (male only), which are conspicuous during the summer months.

These fragments are dispersed by water birds and by attaching to boats. Fragments or entire plants . Brazilian elodea is an ornamental aquatic plant that is used primarily for fish aquariums. Světelné podmínky: Nenáročná. Substrát: Doporučená velikost zrna 2-4mm . Range: Most western states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho,. Egeria densa reproduces vegetatively from plant fragments.

Výrobce: akvárium Pavel Růžička.

Also known as: dense waterwee egeria. Leafy elodea is a submerged aquatic perennial plant that thrives in shallow, . Phenological and quantitative measurements were made from . Submerged plants are thought to negatively affect phytoplankton crops in the temperate zone by a number of mechanisms, including nutrient and light limitation, . Control Required except in Selected Areas. Legal Status in King County: Brazilian . Common Name: BRAZILIAN WATERWEED.

Plant Notes: The current taxonomy of Egeria . Often confused with hydrilla, . Brazilian-waterwee probably one of the most widely-cultivated aquarium plants, has for this reason become a widespread invasive species of . Conservation Code: Not threatened. Naturalised Status: Alien to Western . The model takes into account an HCO − pump, . Egeria , an oxygen wee can form dense growths up to five metres tall and reaching the water surface. Only staminate plants of E. It is a nuisance in recreational .

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