Pennisetum setaceum rubrum

Pennisetum setaceum českým názvem dochan setý, pochází z Afriky a jihovýchodní Asie. Jedná se o rychle rostoucí travinu, která však v našich podmínkách . Plants form an upright clump . Purpurové klasy kvetov v kombinácií s purpurovým listom si podmania každého. De bloeitijd is van juli tot oktober.

Het is een zeer mooi siergras met . This tropical annual produces mounds of narrow burgundy-red foliage and purple plumes to foot long. Slovenský názov: Perovec setaceum Rubrum (červený). Rubrum Pennisetum has foliage in shades of burgundy with similar colored seedheads emerging to billow softly in the breeze.

Purple leaves and rose flower . Bronze-purple foliage topped with graceful arches of burgundy seedheads. Donkerrood verkleurend blad en wijnrode aren.

Doba výsadby: Březen začátek – Listopad konec. ORN(Tray of 9) – Out of stock. ORN(Tray of 18) – Out of stock. Of all the fountain grasses Pennisetum. Photo courtesy by Proven Winners.

Sword shaped flowers produced from Jun-Sep. An amazing new grass with rich burgundy red foliage and beautifully arching spikes of red feathery flowers during late summer providing often much. A clumping, warm-season grass with dark burgundy-red foliage and rich magenta-red plumes that rise above the foliage. Marketing Information: Bench Card. Graceful burgundy flower heads in.

Burgundy, pink and white variegated foliage. Night green in comparison to the interruption lighting (NI) from purple growth that developed in. Touch types: pennisetum setaceum rubrum is typically eye-catching.

Some plants call out to be touche and fluffy pennisetum grasses are . It has deep burgundy leaves that grow into an . Buy Gardening from Notcutts, a leading collection of Garden Centre’s spread across the country.

Please login to see pricing. Grass Pennisetum Setaceum Rubrum. Can this be grown from seed? I was told that the plants I purchased are sterile.

Requires a very sheltered position in full sun and well drained soil. The whole plant, leaves and stems and flowers are a rich burgundy colour.